2L 'Biola' Premium Bioethanol Fuel

2L 'Biola' Premium Bioethanol Fuel

2Lt Biola Premium Bioethanol Fuel

  • Biola is 97% alcohol, this means our fuel burns longer and cleaner than most bioethanol fuels
  • Recyclable 1L & 5L containers for indoor and outdoor bioethanol fires.
  • Our 1L bottles can be easily stored. Perfect for apartments or home with little storage.


  • Biola is made from the by-products of growing sugar-beet.
  • This fuel is very environmentally friendly with a low carbon footprint. 
  • Biola is very clean burning with no smoke. It's made from 97% bioethanol with 2% of the fuel made from other alcohols and only 1% denaturing agent. 
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