25lt x 200mm Manual Underslung Gas Tank

25lt x 200mm Manual Underslung Gas Tank

25 ltr tank and pre-installed valves & airbox

  • This Manual Tap Tank, does not need any electrics to operate it, as it is manual and closes by hand. Unlike a traditional gas bottle, our Manual Tap comes with a built in Automatic Excess Flow Valve (EFV ) which shuts off the gas in a controlled manor should there be an uncontrolled release of gas from the outlet tap. 
  • You will need to buy other parts which are all available on our website individual-parts to complete the install e.g. fill point, brackets, hoses, LED display system and so on.
  • Underbody spray must be applied on install to help protect and prolong your gas tanks life from Stone chips and future rust.
  • Please note that this tank does not come with a mechanical or remote LED displays and senders level indicator.  Please visit ‘Parts’ to purchase.
  • All self refillable gas tanks are fitted with an automatic 80% float driven shut off filling valve, meaning it will automatically shut off the filling gas pump when the tank becomes 80% full.

Product Information

  • Please make sure this tank 100% fits the location and vehicle you have before purchase as it is a special order items. If your not sure it 100% fits we ask that please contact us at Cork Gas Centre, ForgeHill, Cork, Ireland. Phone 021 4963749.
  • Please make sure the rubberised coating on the tank is checked at least once a year and recoated in any areas that have been washed away by general road wear. Failure to protect the tank against stone chips and mechanical damage on install will invalidate any warranty on the tank and mounting system.


  • Tank Diameter ( not including valve box ) 230mm     
  • Tank Length: 884mm
  • Water Capacity: 25 litres
  • Maximum Gas Capacity at 80% fill: 20 ltrs
  • Gas Weight at 80% fill: 10kg
  • Fully EU approved. 
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