Gas Cylinders & Cartridges

Full Range of Calor Butane, Propane & Forklift Gas Cylinders. Variety of Refillable gas Tank Options including underslung tanks for your vehicle. Plus Any Camping Gaz option for those on the go!

Calor Gas

Calor Gas are Irelands leading Buntane & Propane Gas Cylinder supplier.

Cylinders are sold on a cylinder return system.


Refillable Gas Cylinders

Refillable Gas tanks are quickly becoming popular as they are easy to use, save you money and can be refilled anywhere using Autogas within Europe.

Cylinders & Underslung Kits available

Refillable Gas Cylinders

Camping GaZ

Camping Gaz Cylinders and canisters available.

Plus a wide range of small yet versatile gas options for those on the go.

Camping Gas