Refillable Gas Tanks

Refillable Gas Tanks

Here at Cork Gas Centre we are now selling and fitting Refillable Gas Cylinders. If you are looking for the most economical way to keep and store propane gas safe & securely on your vehicle, we have the solution for you. You can even buy and fit the tank yourself, we have all the tools and fittings you will need. We have even put together handy Kits with everything you need in them. 

There are a variety of sizes & shapes available. We even sell Refillable lightweight Gas cylinders.

Refillable gas tanks are the most convenient and cost effective way to get gas today. We sell a variety of tanks and cylinder shapes - under slung tanks & spare wheel shaped tanks for your vehicle and also refillabe cylinders for household or camping use. These tanks can be refilled at any petrol station with LPG filling point. 

We sell entire kits to attach refillable underslung tanks to your vehicle, all parts are also available separately if necessary.

All these tanks and cylinders can be refilled at any petrol station in Ireland or the EU that have Gas filling points.

We encourage anybody buying one of these kits to give us a call or request a call back below. We will discuss your vehicle and your specific project and make sure you are getting the correct product you need. 



Underslung Refillable Gas Kit  Light Weight Refillable Gas Cylinder